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In the world of coffee, a growing trend has captivated the palates of the most discerning connoisseurs: single-origin coffee, which has its beans harvested in a single place.

But after all, what does this mean and why buy coffee from a specific origin? 

In this article, we will cover this topic in detail. So, grab your favorite cup and embark on a tasty exploration of what makes single-origin coffee a captivating choice for your business. Keep reading!

Defining single-origin coffee

Single-origin coffee, as the name implies, is a type of specialty coffee  sourced from a single geographic region, such as a specific country, area, or even a farm.  

Known for its flavor profiles and characteristics that are influenced by the specific environmental and planting conditions of that particular location, which create a unique terroir, the essence of this type of coffee is traceability, that is, the ability to follow the journey of the beans back to their origin, allowing you to know exactly where and how they were grown.

The advantages of single-origin coffee 

Now that we’ve explained what single-origin coffee is, here are a few more reasons why you should choose it to offer your customers:

1. Unparalleled flavor profile

When you choose single-origin coffee, you’re embarking on a journey through a variety of flavor profiles. Each region imprints its own distinctive notes on the coffee beans, which can include nuances of walnuts, caramel, chocolate, fruits, among others.

For example, if you select a Yellow Bourbon coffee from a specific farm in the mountains of Brazil, such as in the south of Minas Gerais, it will have notes that reflect the altitude and terroir of that region. That is, this will be a single-origin coffee that will provide a unique, pure and rare experience.

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2. Guaranteed freshness

 Single-origin coffee often translates into fresher beans. Since they are sourced from specific locations and have a clear traceability path, you can be sure that the coffee is roasted and delivered with the proper freshness. Lucky Hills, for example, roasts its beans on demand, ensuring unparalleled freshness and unforgettable flavor.

3. Transparency and traceability

Single-origin coffee beans come with a guarantee – you know exactly where they come from. This transparency is crucial for those who value coffee from ethical sources and trade.

4. Support for small-scale producers

Another interesting point is that, typically, single-origin coffee beans are grown by small coffee producers. These people put their whole heart into the cultivation of the best beans in their region, so your purchase will contribute to keep the tradition of coffee production. Of course, there are large corporations that grow this type of coffee, so it’s important to check it with the supplier.   

Lucky Hills, for example, operates with its unique and sustainable direct trade model, without intermediaries, maintaining transparent and reliable relationships with producers to ensure a high-quality single-origin coffee.

As you can see, the uniqueness of single-origin coffee unfolds in its extraordinary ability to reveal the characteristics of the bean variety. In this way, each cup tells a story that begins at the altitudes of the mountains, following the soil characteristics, climate and rainfall of that region, all influenced by the terroir.  

Lucky Hills – best single origin coffee

Lucky Hills specialty coffees are 100% arabica and produced with the most advanced sustainability concepts.

Our carefully selected beans are grown in one of the best coffee regions in Brazil: Carmo da Cachoeira, south of Minas Gerais, translating into a single-origin coffee.

This specialty coffee truly embodies its terroir, with memorable aromas and flavors that are found nowhere else on the planet. 

By importing premium beans, roasted on demand in Florida, with traceable and sustainable processes, we ensure an unparalleled coffee experience for your business. 

So, why buy single-origin coffee from Lucky Hills? Because in every sip there is a journey, a story and a celebration of the rich variety that coffee has to offer.

Talk to our consultants and learn how to purchase Lucky Hills coffees.