Unique Lucky Hills
Direct Trade model

Completely different from every other brand in the US food service market, the Lucky Hills Direct Trade business model is fully sustainable and traceable. This is because it monitors its coffee beans 24/7, from planting through to delivery to its customers.


From farm to cup,
without middlemen.

Through its direct trade business model, Lucky Hills is striving to become the best supplier of specialty coffees to the US food service market. The Lucky Hills coffee experience is different from all the others. Running from plantation to percolator, it’s both hi-tech and sustainable, with no intermediaries. Through its unique direct trade model, Lucky Hills ensures peak excellence for each of its clients.

The trail that makes this story even more special consists of a family of companies:


Producers of Southern Minas Gerais

Lucky Hills coffee beans come from the rich Brazilian soil in the heart of Minas Gerais, from a region of ideal altitude, latitude and microclimate, that is home to award winning coffees appreciated worldwide with unique aromas and flavors not found anywhere else.

Lucky Hills Exporter

Exportation without middlemen of Brazilian coffee to the international market, with freshness and quality guaranteed. Monitoring from origin to destination with sustainability, technology and conscious transport in technologically advanced bags that replace the traditional jute bags.

Lucky Hills Importer

It is from the exportations of high quality of coffee which Lucky Hills imports that continues the 100% traceable and sustainable process of transporting abroad. Attention and care to maintain all of the characteristic and maximum quality that are required in the international market.


Lucky Hills Roaster

Coming directly from the producer, the coffee is roasted locally in Florida, on demand, which ensures its quality, freshness and distinctive flavor.


Final consumer

The result of the Direct Trade model translates into the best taste experience for the final consumer, establishing sustainable and exceptional relationships.

Lucky Hills direct sales: order now!

Joining a chain of ethical and transparent businesses focused on social and environmental well-being means serving top-grade specialty coffee in your establishment. This quality is underpinned by a long-lasting and reliable business relationship.

Imported and marketed by leading professionals on the US food service market, without middlemen and with the most advanced technology, Lucky Hills coffee lets you experience a delightful connection with your public.


Ask the experts at Lucky Hills

The professionals on the Lucky Hills team are eager to help clients choose the coffee varietals that best suit their businesses or chains.

The targets of Lucky Hills consultants are people in charge of hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, offices, and other food service establishments in the US. Their goal is to leave aromatic signatures at memorable moments in the lives of their clients.

Talk to a Lucky Hills consultant and feel confident that you are selecting and serving a very special brew.