Specialty coffee.
From farm to the cup.

An outstanding brand on the US food service market, Lucky Hills offers unique varieties of specialty coffees, without middlemen, in an ethical, transparent, and completely sustainable way.

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The passion for the best coffee, presented to the entire world.

The Lucky Hills mission is to be the leading supplier of specialty coffees to the US food service market.

With a long tradition of exporting Brazil’s passion for the aroma and flavor of beans grown, roasted, and marketed in direct and sustainable ways, Lucky Hills is a company that is constantly seeking the latest technologies, with its work based on ethics and transparency at all stages of the process, from plantation to cup.

From the rich soil of Brazil comes a specialty coffee: the origin of Lucky Hills beans

Our carefully curated beans are grown on pre-approved partner plantations, forming a cooperative of 80 coffee growers in one of Brazil’s best coffee-growing regions: Carmo da Cachoeira, Southern Minas Gerais State.

This specialty coffee really embodies its terroir, with memorable aromas and flavors that are found nowhere else on the planet. This unique set of characteristics defines Lucky Hills coffee.

The value proposition of the Lucky Hills brand is centered on helping coffee shop owners and restaurant managers brew up delightful experiences for their customers. How? By importing top grade beans, validated by market experts through traceable and sustainable processes.


Imported without middlemen, cost-effective and sustainable.

All these 100% arabica specialty coffee beans are imported directly by Lucky Hills, without middlemen. The intention is to provide the rich flavor of top-grade Brazilian beans anywhere in the world, and particularly in the USA. The most advanced concepts of sustainability are deployed for processing Lucky Hills wares. The latest technology is used to handle every stage of its production processes for these varieties, including prompt deliveries of selected blends to its customers. Lucky Hills intends to be the best specialty coffee supplier on the US food service market. To achieve this, it offers customized blends of specialized varieties from its unique terroir, all compliant with the highest criteria and most stringent specifications

Lucky Hills Directors


Silvana Torres

Silvana Torres
 is a graduated Brazilian engineer and a communications business manager with over 30 years of experience in the market, having won the most outstanding awards in her field. She is a management expert and is the leader of Lucky Hills Specialty Coffee. Silvana applies her business and administrative skills and supports food service managers in the USA to use coffee as a business unit, generating greater profitability in their establishments.

Dr. Newton de Aguiar Torres

Dr. Newton
, as he is affectionately called by the community of Carmo da Cachoeira, has a life dedicated to caring for others and, for more than 30 years, has practiced medicine with commitment. However, his fond memories of his childhood life including spending time with his uncles and grandparents on the family coffee farms, always influenced, and accompanied him. Thus, he decided to follow his childhood dream of working with coffee. After owning coffee farms for over 12 years and making good friendships with neighboring farms Newton decided to sell the farm and create a co-operative where he could share his knowledge of coffee production and how to improve quality to achieve the specialty level. Today, he continues his dedication in helping others in achieve top quality coffees and buying and exporting coffee to the US. He takes care of his partner producers and the coffee with passion and tenacity.



Anne Valdez

Anne Valdez
is a world-renowned expert in the field of coffee with over 35 years of experience. She has an appreciation and passion for quality coffee and the attention given to coffee in all phases of production, particularly in roasting and brewing. She has been an international cupping judge, a regional barista judge, espresso training station instructor and a craft roasting station instructor. Her travels to origin include twelve different producing countries. She is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a BS in Business Administration.

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