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As an entrepreneur client of a constantly changing market, it is expected that you always search for the best way to guarantee sustainability in your business.

Being aware of new innovations and trends, searching for information all the time, is critical to make you a differentiated manager.  Being well informed, having good relationships, and being  well advised, you have all the tools necessary to understand how your business can be positioned in the most assertive manner possible in the niche that you are a part of.

In this process, it is common to end up with new models, that break away from paradigms that you are accustomed to and see around you.  Then comes the question:  Does my model still work?  Wouldn’t it be time to promote a turnaround and adopt another system that provides more profitability and greater sustainability?

The coffee market is changing.  Although the beverage is still an internationally consolidated passion, the consumer is much more demanding.  Today the coffee has its value not only evaluated in terms of bitterness or sweetness.  It is expected the highest quality of beans, in addition to a provenance that indicates the production of the coffee is the result of a conscious system which respects the entire production chain and generates a positive social impact for all society.

Therefore, it is important to rethink your business model and look four outlets that are aligned with consumer demands.  In the case of specialty coffees, coming out in front is the one that joins brands that will ensure a sustainable business and that shares values that are also adopted in your company.

In this sense, it is necessary to seek partners that allow you to negotiate directly with the producer, without middlemen, giving your brand a chance to stand out in the market and stay out of the commodity.

This way, you have greater liberty in your negotiation, with a sustainable system which guarantees your brand a coffee of the utmost quality, that will increase your profitability and contribute to your expansion.

The proposal for reflection remains:  Today are you hostage or customer of your business partners?  Do your business allies give you the liberty to negotiate without obstacles and middlemen? Take a few minutes to make this assessment and do not be afraid to seek a change for the better!


Silvana Torres
Specialty Coffee Producer