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In a highly competitive market like coffee, it is necessary to always be in search of product and strategy innovations with the intention of placing your brand in front of the competition.  So, it is up to the provocation: what have you been offering new to your customer?

Searching for innovations that improve your consumer relationship has to do with being an up to date entrepreneur concerned with the sustainability of your business.  With an eye on market information, you should be well advised by professionals and specialists of the field.  The final motivation is to offer a coffee of the highest quality, within a business model in which the profitability is enhanced in an organic and intelligent manner.

“Direct trade” is a model that communicates directly with this professional profile that always seeks the new.  Through it, you negotiate directly with the producer, in a profitable and sustainable manner, generating expansion with everything.  In addition, it is possible to guarantee the necessary volumes of the same standard and terroir.

Weighted in this scenario, Lucky Hills supports coffee shop owners and restaurant managers with the best coffee experience for their customers. Upon importing beans of the highest guaranteed quality, and validated by specialists, through sustainable and traceable processes like “direct trade”, ensures the community, companies and their customers win.   In addition, preoccupied with the purity of the coffee, Lucky Hills operates under the concept of single origin.  For this reason, it offers the consumer a very unique experience, revealing the terroir of the farm on which it was produced and like no other product in the specialty coffee market, and it allows for detailed traceability and the production chain; from the origin of the cultivation to the cup


The varieties:

Yellow Catuai:

With a smooth flavor, it is distinguished for its moderate acidity and natural sweetness. The variety is the result of the cross of the Yellow Caturra and Mundo Novo.

Yellow Bourbon:

Its intense and smooth aroma, with notes of caramel added to the texture of chocolate and lightly sweet, compose a coffee loved by connoisseurs worldwide.

Mundo Novo:

This variety is the result of a cross between Sumatra and Red Bourbon, its flavor is light and smooth making it an excellent option for espresso-based beverages.


The strong aroma of its citrus notes guarantees unmistakable characteristics of this variety.


Produced exclusively in small lots, Lucky Hills has the capacity to deliver a custom-made blend for your brand.  This is a chance to improve your reputation and gain market share with quality and sustainability


Silvana Torres
Specialty Coffee Producer