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The American market finds in Brazilian specialty coffee one of the most relevant products. For its elevated level of quality, that meets the high standards of the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), the Brazilian product is one of the ingredients that helps consolidate the premium niche with a strong trend in the United States.

This market trend comes linked, of course to a behavior trend.  In a world where consumption is associated with the senses that it provokes – being each time more incessant in the search for moments of  relief and happiness in an often delicate scenario -, and the demand for products that tell a story. A true story, it is important to stress. Today the global consumer, more than ever, encounters brands with which they can identify, that have the same ideals as yours and they propose to make a difference in where they are placed.

It is desired of products of differentiated production, with a high level of quality, permeate a positive impact on society and with a strong DNA of a familiar group, that reference origins and guarantee trustworthiness.  Premium brands, like Lucky Hills, arrive on the North American market with excellent precise adherence by embracing perfection in this niche, delivering a product that combines excellence in quality with a market presence that adds to the environment in which it operates.  To the adopter of the ‘direct trade” model, they are ahead in all the process stages. Lucky Hills distinguishes itself for guaranteeing product traceability and security of its commercial partners and of their clients.

Choosing with care of what is consumed, the North American and World trend is that the consumer chooses the best product, in a manner of appeasing their desires for satisfaction, recognition and, obviously, discerning palate.  So, it is correct to say that specialty coffee has everything to remain strong, being the United States or Wold Market, for a long time.   The change we see today  in the consumer profile, their new way of perceiving their role in the ecosystem and the desire for premium products, that guarantees identification and superior quality, point out that coffee of high quality is here to stay.


Silvana Torres
Specialty Coffee Producer