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In what aspect is the question of sustainability addressed in your company?  Have you been searching for new formats that can modernize this, which is one of the most important pillars of management in your business?

In a scenario with constant change like the one we live in; it is fundamental to consider sustainability as an important pillar of development.  In addition to ready made formulas it is necessary to always be in search of new information and be in tune with the market news.  This is the only possible way to find the business model that matches with perfection what you seek for your business.

With good advice from professionals and specialists in your field it is possible to encounter this ideal model for your company, also guaranteeing something so precious like sustainability: profitability.  Aligned with a trustworthy partner, you company can enter into a much more sustainable and profitable cycle, reselling exclusive products and leaving the commodity.

Lucky Hills, a company of excellence in the market of specialty coffees, can be the solution that you are in search of.  Adopting the “direct trade” business model in which you eliminate the middlemen, the brand helps its partners to deal directly with the producers to source a coffee of the highest quality.  This permits expansion and assurance of coffee volumes within the same standard and terroir.

Obstacles like the lack of references or the instability of the niche are no longer a part of the daily life with this model.  To the adopter the “direct trade” model, assuming an active position in the coffee chain, imposes a positive impact on the ecosystem.  Dealing directly with the producer, acquiring a sustainable and high standard product, you guarantee not only a better margin, but also the longevity of your business, aside from helping the market to regulate itself in a superior platform.

Like this, your company provokes a break in the paradigms, overcoming the established standards. This differential also adds transparency and humanity factors to your brand.  All of this excellence in management can be seen in the product that you deliver and guarantees that your consumer will be definitely captivated.

The greatest asset of “direct trade” is that when looking at sustainability, it is possible to broaden the scope of business as a whole, establish the right connections, increase your reputation, and win the market.

Consider Lucky Hills in your partnerships and be ready to modernize in the way you manage your business.

Silvana Torres
Specialty Coffee Producer