Café especial. Do campo à xícara

Marca diferenciada no mercado americano de food service, possui variedades únicas de cafés especiais, produzidos sem intermediários, de forma ética, transparente e completamente sustentável. Saiba mais sobre a Lucky Hills:

From the passion of one family, passed down through generations, emerges the Lucky Hills Specialty Coffee brand than is distinguished in the American Food Service market.

It is with pride that Lucky Hills presents itself as a brand capable of transforming passion into a totally sustainable business without middlemen. Coffee beans with the Lucky Hills label arrive at their destination packaged with the best technology, then roasted and transported based on demand. Direct from the farm to the cup, with a guarantee of quality. Lucky Hills is a distinguished brand in the American Food Service market because it transforms each coffee moment into a memorable experience. Hotels and resort chains, restaurants, cafes, offices, other spaces and establishments that wish to become landmarks in the life of the people who buy and serve Lucky Hills coffee.


Direct Trade

The objective of the Lucky Hills brand is to be the best supplier of specialty coffees in the American Food Service market. For this, the brand works with an exclusive sustainable business model, known as “direct trade”. Through this mode, Lucky Hills is able to accompany 24/7 all of the processes that involve the coffee including the delivery to its destination after being roasted in Florida. All of the sales of Lucky Hills are performed on demand so that the quality of the coffee is completely preserved.


Be a Lucky Hills Customer

Lucky Hills customers are involved in everything related in the food service market in every region of the United States and recognize the quality of the specialty coffee beans grown in Brazil, proudly roasted in Florida and served with the objective of turning each coffee moment unique and special. The Lucky Hills brand is perfect for attending to the needs of hotels and resort chains, restaurants, cafes, offices and other establishments that seek maximum quality from a specialty coffee and for economies made possible by the direct trade of these top quality beans without any type of middleman.


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