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It is wrong to think that the high standard of coffee comes from simply subjecting the coffee to cupping.  For a coffee to be considered of high quality, the entire process begins well before and has as its key element good management.

Clearly, for a coffee to be specialty it needs to score above average in specific attributes that go from roast color to aroma of the beverage, among others.  Besides that, it is evaluated for uniformity, where the coffee can score negatively if the samples differ between cups in flavor.

However, conquering an elevated score in this tasting goes beyond these attributes and connects in an inseparable way with the way the coffee is produced and negotiated before arriving there.  Taking into this account, with significant weight is the management of the brand.

A deficient management can impact everything in your business, including the time of cupping the coffee.  Obstacles like the lack of references, in addition to irrelevant importers, can overshadow your company and in the end of this equation result in a product far below expectations.

To this point, it makes all the difference to opt for a management like “direct trade”, for example, that combines coffee of the highest quality with a business model of the same level of quality.  This way, you eliminate the middleman in the negotiation, and you increase your profitability, including strengthening the sustainability.   In addition, the ‘direct trade” provides the necessary volumes within the same standard and terroir, something crucial for a good cupping.

It is a new model, that provokes a change of paradigms and brings a differential to your business.  With this management, quality and transparency in the relationship and the product are the protagonists.  Even more, the structural professionalism and the care with the ecosystem of the coffee chain guarantee that the specialty coffee from this chain always reaches the highest scores in the cupping to which they are submitted.

Your company can conquer this platform by aligning with partners that practice “direct trade”.   In reference to this business model, Lucky Hills extends their expertise to partners and collaborators, assuring the importation of high-quality beans, verified by specialist, through sustainable and traceable processes, in which the community, company, and customers win.

If you are looking for an impeccable coffee cupping for the specialty coffee you deal with, without a doubt this is an alternative to consider!


Silvana Torres
Specialty Coffee Producer